Wayfarer’s Guild (Bk.2) – Chp. 5 – Into the Dark

It felt like the darkness was pressing against her skin. The in and out of her breathing sounded deafening. She strained to hear the flesh sethers but all she heard were her own steps. Her entire body was tense. She knew she was being hunted. The thought made her heart beat faster. It sounded even READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild (Bk.2) – Chp. 4 – Surrounded

At some point, Nova drifted off. Pain woke her up. Her eyes snapped open and she looked down to see a flesh sether biting into her leg. In an instant, she grabbed for the knife on her waist only to realize she had left it back with the bloody rocks. The flesh sether head whipped READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild (Bk.2) – Chp. 3 – A Hint

The ax fell down with a loud crunch. A splash of blood sprayed across her face. Mathius was screaming. Nova wanted to join him. The ax wasn’t sharp enough to sever the legs in one strike like she had hoped. She knew she would have to try again and again. Her hands trembled. “Don’t stop!” READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild (Bk.2) – Chp. 2 – Cut

Nova lifted up the ax again. She could hold it, but it was definitely something she wouldn’t be able to maintain. Still, it was enough for what she needed to do. She turned to look at Mathius and Trixie was already there. “Wakie, wakie!” Trixie practically yelled in his ear. Mathius jerked awake and started READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild ( Bk.2) – Chp. 1 – Waiting

Silence hung over the cavern. In the darkness, Nova could hear faint skittering. Her entire body felt tense at every sound but if there were monsters, none approached her. She could feel eyes on her but she already knew who they belonged to. She glanced over at Trixie. The demon peered at her with unbridled READ MORE

The Lake Monster (Interlude)

Water was good. This wasn’t his water. His was bigger. A kingdom of water. This water was nothing compared to his water. He missed his water. It was filled with all dark creatures, some strange and dangerous. He would stretch out his beautiful tentacles and smash and strangle. He missed his water but this water READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 53 – Cave In

Before Nova could move, she felt something hard push her and she was thrown back. She fell down, her head bouncing on the stone floor with a loud crack. Everything turned black.  Nova wasn’t sure how long she had been out, but when she woke up, she was in a cave. She sat up, looking READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 52 – Scramble

Nova felt strange. Like she was seeing without seeing. Everything was slightly blurry. Everything but the tree. The glow had grown brighter around the tree and there was a sense of anger around it. Like it would lash out at anyone that came near it. Nova didn’t care. She lifted her artifact, her staff. It READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 51 – A Path

Darkness was everywhere. Nova spun around, trying to figure out what happened. She thought the Cradle tree had ejected her but this didn’t seem like the ruins. Shit! I need to transfer that mana.  “Don’t worry, Nova Davis. You will not erupt. At least not yet.” The voice was familiar. Matter of fact the place READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 50 – Cradle Tree

When Nova opened her eyes, she wasn’t in the ruins. She was in a dark room, covered in pale brown branches. Glowing white figures surrounded her, staring down at her.  “Another one,” someone whispered. “No, this one is different.” The whispering grew louder and louder, weaseling into her ears. The pitch grew higher and higher READ MORE