Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your patience these last two weeks. Unfortunately, I come with some bad news. I’m suffering from a bit of burnout as well as dealing with some personal issues. With this in mind, I decided to enter a hiatus for the remaining of the year and return next year.  READ MORE

Forgotten Warriors Live!

Woot! Today Forgotten Warriors is now live on Amazon Vella. The first three episodes are free, so please check it out. (Just a reminder, you have to sign into Amazon to read.) Forgotten Warriors You can also read a chapter ahead on my patreon – The Explorer’s Club.  Forgotten Warriors updates every Tuesday.  Besides that, READ MORE

Diverse Fantasy

Once you see my books, you’ll soon find out I like to have diversity in my cast. No, I don’t mean just elves, orcs, and kabolds. Though I do like my fantasy races. What I mean is people from all walks of life – people of color, disabled, LGBTQ, etc. I want to produce stories READ MORE

Time to Unpack

Hi there! It’s me! Who am I? Well…that’s a complicated question, so we’ll keep it simple. I’m Vy Starlit, a writer of fantasy, all types of fantasy. I do epic, portal fantasy, litRPG, urban fantasy, and yes, sometimes, dark fantasy. I’m sure I’ll delve into fantasy sub-genres I haven’t mentioned here but we’ll just start READ MORE