Vella Project #1

I’m working on my current Vella project. Those who aren’t familiar, Vella is a place to post web serials on Amazon. What’s a web serial? It’s where you write chapters for a story and post them as you go. I have always loved web serials and really want to work in the format.  Forgotten Warriors READ MORE

Diverse Fantasy

Once you see my books, you’ll soon find out I like to have diversity in my cast. No, I don’t mean just elves, orcs, and kabolds. Though I do like my fantasy races. What I mean is people from all walks of life – people of color, disabled, LGBTQ, etc. I want to produce stories READ MORE

Time to Unpack

Hi there! It’s me! Who am I? Well…that’s a complicated question, so we’ll keep it simple. I’m Vy Starlit, a writer of fantasy, all types of fantasy. I do epic, portal fantasy, litRPG, urban fantasy, and yes, sometimes, dark fantasy. I’m sure I’ll delve into fantasy sub-genres I haven’t mentioned here but we’ll just start READ MORE