Update on hiatus

Hello everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know about how long the hiatus is going to last and future plans. 

How things are going to work out is that the hiatus will continue next year, 2023. So I will be gone all next year and return back January 2024. You may be wondering why there is an entire year hiatus. There is an actual reason.

I decided to focus on writing a complete series (or at last near completion) before posting it. The reason is, though I have completed many books I have never finished a complete series. With this in mind, I want to make sure I can complete an entire series before I release on RR. Once I know I’m capable of doing that then I feel I can post with confidence.

So what does that mean for Wayfarer’s Guild? Wayfarer’s is meant to be a long series, so it is my goal to first complete a shorter 3 book series first. This means wayfarer’s will be on indefinite hiatus and even when I return in January of 2024 it will be with a new completed/near-completed 3 book series. 

I know this is bad news for people enjoying the series, but at least I hope the good news that when I return it’ll be will a completed trilogy in hand will make up for it. 

Thank you everyone for supporting me so far and I’ll see you back in January 2024.

P.S. I’ll be responding to comments throughout December that I missed while I’ve been gone.

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