Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 51 – A Path

Darkness was everywhere. Nova spun around, trying to figure out what happened. She thought the Cradle tree had ejected her but this didn’t seem like the ruins. Shit! I need to transfer that mana.  “Don’t worry, Nova Davis. You will not erupt. At least not yet.” The voice was familiar. Matter of fact the place READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 50 – Cradle Tree

When Nova opened her eyes, she wasn’t in the ruins. She was in a dark room, covered in pale brown branches. Glowing white figures surrounded her, staring down at her.  “Another one,” someone whispered. “No, this one is different.” The whispering grew louder and louder, weaseling into her ears. The pitch grew higher and higher READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 49 – Escape

Besides living out a personal fantasy that was truly at the heart of one of her favorite superheroes, climbing walls like a spider wasn’t actually that fun. Well, climbing up the wall was pretty fun but crossing the ceiling was a definite no. Her head hung upside down and the blood rushed to it, making READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 48 – Sneaking-In

They decided to sneak in during a time when Kellston wasn’t there. Mathius discovered that Kellston didn’t oversee the ruins on the nights he worked with us. Besides the first days they worked in the ruins, Kellston and Korn switched between who worked nights. Mathius thought it had something to do with more and more READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 47 – Crafting a Plan

They didn’t manage to come up with a plan that day or the next. Nova couldn’t help looking at the time sliding away on the quest. Of course, getting the artifact wasn’t a make-or-break thing but she felt getting her hands on an artifact would help her get much further in her class. She still READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 46 – Restart

Before they left, Nova was checked over by Oren’s people. After she wandered off on her own, they had to make sure she wasn’t hiding anything. It was a good thing she hadn’t brought the bow with her. It did mean that she would have to find a different way of getting it out of READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 45 – Confrontation

Nova slowly stood up, keeping her eyes on Kellston. Her weapon was in pieces and the dagger lost. Even her shards were gone. Luckily, there were rocks all around. Would that be enough? She heard movement to the side of her.  “Mathius, are you okay?” Nova asked. “Yes. You’re the one injured. Nova, I tried READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 44 – One-on-One

To Nova’s surprise, Helena had heard about the Guardian. She was also known as the Wandering God. The story Helena told her was about a god who traveled through worlds searching for something. What she was searching for no one knew. Nova wondered if the goddess was directly tied to Soul Travelers. It gave her READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 43 – Room of the Weaver

Nova looked at the woman in front of her and instantly she knew that she was a god. It was something instinctive that told her. Also, the whole hair being an ecosystem was a big tip-off. Still, a god showing up hadn’t been in her plans especially when she knew one was trying to kill READ MORE

Wayfarer’s Guild – Chp. 42 – The First Step

When Tinle returned, he came with two more crystals and a book. He took the crystal she had used and then examined it. “I see. You’ve made the end of the resonance thread too thick.” “You can see that?” Nova asked, surprised.  “Yes, now that it’s in the crystal I can view it and since READ MORE