A Game! Plus News.

Hello everyone! I recently participated in a game jam where I had to make a short visual novel game. It’s an otome game (romance) that is filled with dark humor. It’s short with a play through of about 10-15 minutes to get all the endings. Here’s some Information.

A stroll in the park with your best friend suddenly becomes a mission to save him. How? By getting him to confess his love before an attack of clumsiness gets him killed. Even Death is cheering for you! 

Enjoy this short and humorous otome game where love hangs in the balance and Death is only a few steps away. 

You can download it for free – Death & Romance


In other news, the website will probably be going through a rehaul in the next upcoming months. I want to streamline posting chapters here of Wayfarer’s Guild as well as have a section for games or any other projects I might work on in the future. So expect lots of changes coming soon!

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