Forgotten Warriors

I said I would talk a a bit about my current project. Right now, I’m getting my story, Forgotten Warriors, ready for publication through Vella. I’m shooting for an April release date. It’ll be a web serial so it’ll be released chapter by chapter with 4 chapters on launch (5 chapter on my Patreon) and then one chapter a week following that. 

Forgotten Warriors is a fantasy story about two sisters who live in modern day, Ohio. When one of the sisters is dragged into another world, the other sister is determined to get her back. Problem is how to get to her when using magic means everyone around you forget who you are. As one sister struggles to reopen the portal to get her sister, the other finds herself pulled into the plans of a charming villain who wants to use her to conquer worlds. 

The book is epic, urban, and portal fantasy rolled into one. I’m having a blast writing it and can’t wait to share it with everyone. 

Once Forgotten Warriors has settled in its pace, I’ll be releasing a second serial on Royal Road. It’ll be a free serial with advanced chapters being paid through subscription on my patreon – The Explorer’s Club. I hope to release the Royal Road story sometime between July-Sept. 

You’re might be thinking, what about books? Well I do have some books planned, but they won’t be released until next year. So there’s lots coming down the pike. 

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